Tour meeting point areas​

Roatan has 2 cruise ship port

 Mahogany Bay Port: This is where all the Carnival Ships will be docking and other Carnival Own companies and Partners.


Town Center Port: This port is where the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line ships docks.


When you exit the ship, walk pass the shopping areas
Continue pass the fountain, true the shopping area, to the red top building on the right.
Enter the red top building it’s like a corridor, walk to the end pass were the white taxis parking area is.
Make a left and walk up the little hill, you will then encounter a big open gate, keep walking down were you will see a lot of local people holding up signs, look for (Manawakie Park sign), there will be a representative of our company with a list with your name on it to start your day, our sloth’s and monkey’s awaits you with a friendly warm welcome smile…. 🙂



There is going to be a lot of local people trying to take you on a disorganized tour just say you’re book with us and they will stop bordering you.

f you’re traveling with someone that has a hard time walking for 5 to 10 minutes you can take one of the white taxis for $2.00 per person and tell them to take you were the independent tours are outside the gate.



As you exit the ship walk true and pass all the main shopping areas that will be on you’re right turn to the right where you see some sales boot kiosk (they are very aggressive trying to get you to go with them for tours, just say you are book online with us and they will back off, keep walking towards the exit gates to the main street as you exit the gates (Gate 3, 2 or 1) right across the street look to the right, you will see lots of local people with signs just look for Manawakie Park sign, and our staff will assist you to start your tour, if you have any difficulties finding us just ask any of the local business or security guys where the exit to the main street is.
Look for Manawakie Park sign and there you will be greeted by one of our staff who will have your name on a list and ready to present you to your tour guide and driver for the day, our sloth’s and monkey’s awaits you with a friendly warm welcome smile…. 🙂


We will appreciate a lot if for any reason if there’s any delay on your tour and you didn’t had time to email us before the ship arrive to Roatan, If you can please come or send someone in your party or a friend, please inform us of your hold back, because it’s  hard for our staff to stand and wait for nothing.