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In order to provide safe outdoor attraction and maintain social distancing guidelines, we are reducing and managing our daily capacity. All Guests will be required to make a reservation prior to visiting.

When we least expected it, change knocked our door. At (MENP) we have used this time to reflect, innovate and improve all services, making your time with us more memorable.

Find out how we’ve amplified services, staff training, and amenities to make the Eco Park experience even better for you and your party. Let us show you how we’ll make your visit even more special in the near future.

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Manawakie Eco Nature Park is located on the north side of Roatan,Honduras, in the mist of the jungle in the community of Man O War Harbor: known as Hottest Sparrow.

This is a tour for all cruise ship and hotel guests, to enjoy if you are a history & animal person, you will have the chance to discover the old history landmark and culture of the islanders by visiting our Eco Park, you will enjoy a brief history lesson of Roatan, Bay Islands in the wildcane shack, (MENP) Manawakie Eco Nature Park is not just a typical animal park, apart from interacting with white face Capuchin monkeys, sloth’s and other exotic animals, you will learn about the island first inhabitants culture life today.

Throughout the journey to the Eco Park you will be able to enjoy several sightseeing’s of Roatan,Honduras, noticing the lush forest and hill sight of Roatan Bay Island.

Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a guided tour of all ages with young knowledgeable Islanders tour guides staff.

Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a dream destination were you and your families can enjoy a great educational history, Island Culture and Animal Interaction.

Being the first authentic culture park demonstrating you our first inhabitants house and Islanders homes trying to keep up our culture, agriculture and island traditions and protecting the wild life.

At Manawakie Eco Nature Park you will be able to interact with Roatan Honduras wildlife such as Sloths, Birds, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, White Tail Deer’s, The Paca and Agouti (Roatan Island Rabbit), Hummingbird playground, etc.

Here at the Park you will walk through a Tropical Botanical Medicinal Garden with your guide demonstrating our natural medicinal herbs, as you arrive to our island you will notice that it is very lush which 25% if use as medicine.

WILDCANE MUSEUM HOUSE: in the year of 1930 the islanders home were made of wild cane sticks or bamboo, and thatch leaf for roof. 

Entering THE MUSEUM HOUSE you will see statues representing some of ROATAN,HONDURAS LEGENDS, mud stove and different artifacts.
In the 14th century our first inhabitants homes was made of mud, which is THE PAYAN Indians descendants to THE MAYAN known as PECH

Please don’t forget to bring some extra change to try some delicious snacks at the snack shack (Homemade smoothies, milkshakes, natural juice made with fresh fruits, coconut bread, bush cakes, etc.).


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 Your family or friend or group will be thrilled with the multitude of (MENP) options and accommodation packages, specially designed for families and groups. We know that members of your party have diverse interests and may be of different age groups. Some might be interested in HING OUT with Sloths & Monkeys, while others prefer to lounge and relax alongside the beach, or even enjoy a fabulous coconut water.  

Let your worries slip away and enjoy this 3 in 1 combo package while you interact with Sloth’s Monkey and Macaws and fly through the jungle like a bird on the canopy zipline tour, then experience the beauty of West Bay’s legendary white sand beaches and relax with the finest amenities available! We’re not afraid to boast about our second largest reef in the world Roatán’s award-winning West Bay Beach, always rated as one of the top beaches in the world. 

This is ROATAN!

Time and time again, Roatan is rated as a spectacular Caribbean destination for it’s stunning views and sites. Here we have something special—an amazingly diverse Caribbean culture among the unparalleled beauty of the island’s natural landscape.

The beautiful island of Roatan offers an authentic Caribbean experience with the comforts of home.

Since its recognition as a dive Mecca in the 1960’s, Roatan has become known as a tropical retreat in the tranquil Caribbean. While Roatan remains a quaint tropical island with a unique cultural identity, the infrastructural improvements and expanded direct flights have made Roatan more accessible. At (MENP) we are committed to sharing our way of life with you, while providing all the comforts and full menu of services our Eco Park can offer.

For those who call Roatan home, the island is a source of pride. At (MENP) our Roatan based staff members take pride in sharing their unique island home with guests.

Based on 146 reviews.
Gerald M
Gerald M
January 4, 2021.
FUN and CLEAN Excellent place! William ha set this up right:) Very educational and hands on the kids loved it. William and his staff really go all out to make sure you have a great time and you can tell really care about these animals. Please visit and support this small business and its owners during these trying times. Animals are well kept and clean and A LOT OF FUN:) Check them out when in Roatan!!!!
stacey p
stacey p
January 3, 2021.
Magical private tour with monkeys, a sloth named Flash, and beautiful birds! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! This park and tour was recommended to us over all of the other animals encounters by a local realtor and I now know why! We learned about the medicinal purposes of natural plants and trees and a little history of the island. We played with monkeys and cuddled with a sloth and befriended a red macaw named Nina and little green parrot named George. The animal trainer Aaron and owner William were wonderful!! The animals are well kept and loved and adore both of them. Our experience was incredible as we had a private tour and were there for 2.5 hours taking our time with the animals. We were never rushed and William kept telling us we could stay as long as we like. At one point I had 4 monkeys on me, one which was snuggling and the other kissing my eyes and ears. They were sweet and wonderful! The sloth Flash was like holding a baby and he just chilled. The parrot George talked and laughed and ran after Aaron which was hilarious. Bambam the spider monkey was a special guy also, he is loyal to Aaron but did allow me to hold him. The special bond and interaction between the animals and Aaron and William speaks a ton! These animals are loved and it shows. I highly recommend this tour and special place. It made me fall in love with the island of Roatan even more! Thank you Aaron and William for an incredible day!
Teagan K
Teagan K
December 30, 2020.
Great family experience Was a great time for the whole family the group was very informative and helpful, they were amazing! Would recommend to anyone and a great price!
Cory M
Cory M
December 30, 2020.
Family trip This was an amazing park! William and his staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and so much fun! We learned about the animals as well as the island’s history We were shown natural remedies the locals use too. We had such a great time with monkeys , bunnies The gorgeous birds and the Sloths were so amazing this place is a must see
December 29, 2020.
Must Go! We love this park and the history of the island, medicinal plants used even today, history of the food and people. This little park is taken care of with love for the people of the island and the animals that are rescued. We have never been disappointed going here and the interaction with Poncho (my fav) and the sloths.
Darren T
Darren T
November 14, 2020.
Tour with monkeys n Sloth’s Aaron was great!! The monkey’s where huge fun. Hope the sloth was a sweet heart. Extremely recommended Thanks Darren n Jeanne
October 22, 2020.
Informative and fun! Interacting with animals was amazing! Pancho 🐒 and his friends have so much personality. Just some advice, DO NOT WEAR ANY LOTIONS OR OILS BEFORE GOING TO SEE THE MONKEYS! They love that stuff and will rub there bodies all over you. 😆 We had a great time and it was very educational! We can’t wait to take our friends.
October 5, 2020.
Well informed and Interactive Our group was so thankful that they were open as we had a very informative and Interactive time. We were able to hold the animals and learn more about them. The staff was amazing, friendly and great to talk to. English or in spanish.
William H
William H
September 11, 2020.
Amazing Wildlife and Cultural Encounter We thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. William and Danny arrived donning masks to pick us up in a very nice and tidy SUV. They took our temperatures and applied santizer to our hands. Before entering the vehicle we also stepped on a santizer mat. We were also wearing masks. They welcomed us warmly and began giving us information regarding the park and the island of Roatan. We have been in Roatan several times before, but this time we have been aboard our sailboat since January 2020. We arrived at the park and our temperature was taken and we were santized ( hands and shoes) once again. We were then given a welcome of a lovely chilled glass of delicious local fresh juice. William, the manager, introduced us to Erdie that gave us a delightful tour of the medicinal plant garden and to play with the adorable capuccin monkeys. The we met the Scarlet Macaw parrot and the Amazonian Parrot. Then onto the spider monkey. Then off to see adorable sloth named The Real Deal. We washed our hands several times while in the park to protect us and the animals. We then were given the opportunity to be educated about sloths by the wonderful sloth keeper. We held the sloth, too. Be sure not to wear any perfume, oils or bug spray when you hold the animals.😊 We also saw a female sloth. There is another female sloth and new baby, but they are under the care of the vet to be sure they are healthy. We then were given a tour of the museum and given very informative and local knowledge by Erdie. From there we saw visited with the monkeys and birds once more. Then to visit the gift shop. We cannot say enough good things about this park. The animals are loveable and healthy, the park is very clean, the staff are very professional and very friendly. We were then sanitized once again and entered the SUV to be delivered back to our boat. We have lots of photos to share asap. We need to upload them from our camera. A big shout to William and his team for a delightful day! We have been under lockdown in Roatan since March, so having such a beautiful place be open and taking reservations was a very welcomed event indeed. Thank you.❤🤗😊⛵
Scott C. Morgan43277589935
Scott C. Morgan43277589935
September 9, 2020.
Awesome tour, saddens our heart to know the abuses the employees go through there at the park, according to our Guide Pancho made ourday,as we ask Jackson clean view?by abuses,force daily by CEO WilliamBrown he respond


How To Get To Roatan

Roatan is easily accessible by air in either direct or connecting flights from many major cities with several different airlines. Complimentary shuttles are offered daily to/from Roatan International Airport and the Galaxy Ferry Terminal. Once you’re here, all guests will require a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after arrival and a $47 USD departure tax is due at the airport in cash when departing Roatan.


Roatan Quick Facts

Size of Island: Width; 4 miles – Length: 38 miles
Population: 95,000
Language:  English, Spanish 
Capital: Coxen Hole
Electric volt: 120v
Plug type: A,B
Climate: Tropical, warm temperatures year-round
Flight From Miami: 2h 20min
Currency: HNL
Time Zone: UTC-06:00
Calling code: +504
Airport: Jaun Manuel Galvez International Airport
Cruise ports: Mahogany Bay & Port of Roatan

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Manawakie Eco Nature Park

Manawakie Eco Nature Park
Hottest Sparrow, 15 to 20 minutes driving from Roatan Ports, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.
For any question or doubt please feel free
to email or call us.
Intl. Phone: 011-504-9931-4658
Phone: (504)  3357-9166

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Culture, Sloth's and Monkey's - Live and learn our culture Sloth's & Monkey Encounter

Manawakie Eco Park
Manawakie Eco Park
Manawakie Eco Park