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Manawakie Eco Nature Park is located on the north side of Roatan,Honduras, in the mist of the jungle in the community of Man O War Harbor; known as Hottest Sparrow.

Throughout the journey to the Eco Park you will be able to enjoy several sightseeing’s of Roatan,Honduras, noticing the lush forest and hill sight of Roatan Bay Island.

Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a guided tour of all ages with young knowledgeable Islanders tour guides staff.

Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a dream destination were you and your families can enjoy a great educational history, Island Culture and Animal Interaction.

Being the first authentic culture park demonstrating you our first inhabitants house and Islanders homes trying to keep up our culture, agriculture and island traditions and protecting the wild life.

At Manawakie Eco Nature Park you will be able to interact with Roatan Honduras wildlife such as Sloths, Birds, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, White Tail Deer’s, The Paca and Agouti (Roatan Island Rabbit), Hummingbird playground, etc.

Here at the Park you will walk through a Tropical Botanical Medicinal Garden with your guide demonstrating our natural medicinal herbs, as you arrive to our island you will notice that it is very lush which 25% if use as medicine.

WILDCANE MUSEUM HOUSE: in the year of 1930 the islanders home were made of wild cane sticks or bamboo, and thatch leaf for roof. 

Entering THE MUSEUM HOUSE you will see statues representing some of ROATAN,HONDURAS LEGENDS, mud stove and different artifacts.
In the 14th century our first inhabitants homes was made of mud, which is THE PAYAN Indians descendants to THE MAYAN known as PECH

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We provide clean and comfortable air-conditioned vehicle with a bilingual driver / tour guide.
For everyone in a group of 4 and more, that has a B-Day member and books directly with us, the package #1 will be on the house and 50% off on all the other packages.

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We also offer customizable tour packages or add-ons such as:

(West End Village Local Shopping.)

(Happy Harry’s Hideaway Sun and Beach.)

(The Roatan Rum Factory.)

(Out Reef Snorkel.)

(Fishing Charter.)

(ATV Jungle Trail.)

(Buggy Adventure Tour.)


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Manawakie Eco Nature Park

Manawakie Eco Nature Park
Hottest Sparrow, 15 to 20 minutes driving from Roatan Ports, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.
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Culture, Sloth's and Monkey's - Live and learn our culture Sloth's & Monkey Encounter

Manawakie Eco Park
Manawakie Eco Park
Manawakie Eco Park