You will have the opportunity to discover the landmark of the ancient history and culture of the islanders, which has a long journey from the ancient island to modern times and in turn the zoological collection, agriculture and island traditions of the area.




Enjoy the wonderful island of Roatan with us, our years of experience make us the best to enjoy the beauty of our local fauna and flora, as well as the culture and traditions of the locals


All the animals that you will be interacting with were donated by some of the locals and the other's were rescued.
By booking a tour with us you help us to provide a shelter for the animals, 75% of the income goes towards the wellcare of the animals such as veterinary check up, lots of food and staff.


Learn a little more about the beautiful island of Roatan, general information about how you can get to this paradise


Know the exact location to our meeting point of where we take you in an air-conditioned comfort to best experience.


We have a gift shop so you can buy something to remember the park or for a family member back home


Here in Manawakie Park we have a photographer that will be following you taking picture it will be Paparazzi for the day


We had an amazing day at Manawakie Park yesterday. Teddy was our tour guide and so knowledgeable about the animals and the island. I highly recommend visiting the park in your next vacation!
Sandee Volatile
Visited the park today. Loved the tour. Teddy was very knowledgeable about the animals and the island. Of course the 🐒 and the 🦥 are the best part. The animals are actually released into the jungle behind the park to forage a bit on their own but always come back.
Teri Beyer Stanger
Definitely stop here! The park and staff are amazing. We had the best time hanging out in the monkey cage and holding the sloth. We will definitely remember this stop forever! I highly recommend them.
Chrissy Winslow Cauthers